N : Remember when we told you that J can eat 12 pieces of pork ribs all at once (probably more)? Right.. So it kinda happened again, except this time he ate 400gram of rib eye. Well, I don’t know about you. But that was hugeee for me. I can barely finished my 200gram!

We had our steak dinner at HolyCow! SteakHouse. Most of you have probably heard about this place. It was first opened in March 2010 at Senopati. Now they have opened up a new camp at North area, Kelapa Gading! And that’s where we had our dinner.

Totally packed dining room

Now, let’s get the table for two! Although we can see it was quite packed that night, we still believe in our luck that we wouldn’t be waiting too long. Probably just about 5mins or so, we heard J’s name being called. Wow, we have to say, they really try to pack the customers in this little space. We don’t need to share our table, but the space between the tables is so tight!

Forget about that, let’s have the waiter write down our orders. We were already knew what we want since we have read the menu while waiting in front. J went for Big Bites 400 gram Rib-Eye with HolyCow Special Sauce and N got 200 gram Wagyu Rib-Eye with Mushroom Sauce.

Nessia tastes :
I asked my rib-eye medium to almost well done, because I don’t like the bloody flavor in my meat (say bloody in British accent. More fun!) But when I cut it, it had different level of doneness between the edge and the center. And for the wagyu quality, it was kinda chewy for me. I was hoping for melt-in-the-mouth meat. But we can’t compare their 105K wagyu with high-end restaurant 800K wagyu. Respect to HolyCow that they’re able to serve quality food with affordable price. That way, hopefully society will increase their appreciation to culinary world.

200 gram Wagyu Rib-Eye

And I’m not a real carnivore like J, so I really have trouble finishing my steak. Ow, when I asked for mushroom sauce, I was imagining the brown mushroom sauce like typical mushroom sauce. But they serve it different here. It was cream sauce with herbs and mushroom. It still nice, though 🙂

Medium well done

Julius tastes :
Meat has always been my favorite protein, it’s on the top of my list. When enjoying a steak, I like it being served medium, that is when the juice all locked inside while the meat is still cooking which giving it a great flavor and also tender. The rib-eye really sounded appetizing, so I picked this one, and size wise..what I was looking for. The best steak I’ve ever had mostly at a 5-star hotel restaurant, and this one is close to it. Good quality of meat and with almost correct temperature,I give thumbs up for the rib-eye.

400 gram rib-eye

The temperature was medium, but on the side with the fat, the meat cooked almost well-done. I think they were trying to render the meat to melt most of the fat away, but somehow it was almost cooked to well-done. But luckily, the middle part was perfectly medium. I love cutting it with the juice came out of it and the inside of the meat was still cooking.

The sauce was a bit unbalance for the steak, or I’d say a bit weird, so I enjoyed it with my fries, but it tasted good. One thing I like here, is the mashed potato. I tried N’s mashed potato and taste delicious, quite a die for.


Overall verdict :
Holycow has been a loud buzz since the day they opened for the first time. If you want to enjoy the food without waiting too long, try coming before the prime time, at least to save you a spot before it goes packed. As the steak is the specialty, the ranges of steak are the must-try. Pick your meat temperature as per your preference, whether mid-rare, medium, medium well, or well done, they can serve you perfectly. Don’t worry about the quality of the food, with the price tagged on each dish, it’s worth every penny. The menu is very simple, so it will avoid any confusion when picking out food.

As mentioned above, try the mashed potato as your side dish, it’s delicious and perfect companion if you want to go for a healthy option other than the fries. If you haven’t try Holycow Steak, better put this into your next dinner plan.

Eat and Make a Change!

Holycow! Steakhouse by Chef Afit

Camp Senopati
Jl. Bhakti no.15, Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

Camp Gading
Jl.Raya Boulevard Kelapa Gading WB2 No.16, Jakarta Utara

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Twitter : @steakholycow